Jerry Davis



The speed of life is constantly accelerating. Using my cameras, to capture fractional glimpses, has always brought me great pleasure. What I love most is making images of people doing what people do. Whether it's about work, play, family, or relationship, the point is to just tell a story.
MY STYLE_ Most of my work is is shot on location. No matter how much gear I bring to the shoot, I use the absolute minimum necessary to help to keep my subjects comfortable and the shots real. It's about putting myself in ordinary situations where regular people are doing everyday things and then capturing the magic of those moments. To achieve this, I keep an open mind, an open heart, and one finger on the shutter.
INTERESTS_ I still really love the black and white work of the early Leica masters. I am being drawn back to my roots and shooting more on the streets again.

-  Produces story telling images from portraits to the workplace

-  Comfortable shooting style that helps facilitate a natural look

-  Can create a studio almost anywhere for portraits and products

-  Quick and creative solutions to all those little things that come up on location shoots

-  Works well on a team or shooting a concept solo